MINI wheels. Get a grip.

MINI Wheel Safety MINI Wheel Safety

Safety: written in the stars.

You can feel sure of your safety with MINI tyres bearing star marking. Developed with leading tyre manufacturers like Bridgestone, Michelin and Pirelli, they’re the perfect ingredient for driving excitement with all-round protection. Here’s why:

  • Testing procedures are even more rigorous than for the EU tyre label.
  • MINI tyres are designed to fit your car’s chassis exactly.
  • We’re so confident in the quality, they come with free insurance for up to 36 months.
MINI tyre star marking
MINI tyres reduced rolling resistance
Stay in shape.

Our tyres resist deformation, so they last longer and you use less fuel. Deformation means that energy requirements for the car to move are greater, which increases fuel consumption. MINI tyres are created with reduced rolling resistance, which reduces deformation by means of special materials on the running surfaces and sides.

MINI Runflat technology
Runflat technology.

With MINI Runflat Tyres you no longer have to feel deflated, even if you go flat mid-journey. Runflat technology allows you to keep driving on a flat tyre at speeds of up to 80km/h. The reinforced side walls are made of a heat-resistant rubber, while special rim geometry stops the pressure-less tyre from slipping off, even on bends.